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Online financial advice, lower fees, team investing

Disintermediation and disruption in the world of financial advice --

The brave new world of online financial advice – lower fees and team investing | Money |
" . . . Here are some names to scribble down, or better yet, tap into the closest note-taking app: Betterment, LearnVest, FutureAdvisor, Wealthfront, Jemstep. These are some of the frontrunners in a high-stakes race now underway on Wall Street: the battle to deliver investment advice and other financial planning services to ordinary Americans like you and me – not in person, but online. They're already attracting money, from Silicon Valley at least. Venture capitalists love the idea, since the low costs of providing online financial advice mean these businesses may prove very profitable. LearnVest, which wants financial advice portals to be as easy to use as your Tumblr account, has attracted $41.5m in startup funding in the last four years. Rival Betterment is getting $13m from bluechip backers like Bessemer Venture Partners and Menlo Ventures..." (read more at link above)

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