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Euronext Will Take Big Hit for Tech Fault says ETX Capital Rundle (Video)

Euronext Will Take Big Hit for Tech Fault: Rundle: Video - Bloomberg:
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ETX Capital Head of Trading Joe Rundle discusses a technical problem at Euronext not allowing indexes to calculate. He speaks with Francine Lacqua on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg 11/27)

John Bogle, Index Funds, ETFs (video)

John Bogle on the rise of index funds (go to link for video)

The founder of Vanguard explains why his invention [index funds] is winning the battle for assets. Plus: The problem with ETFs, and why we need a transaction tax.

Seer-sucker Theory, Forecasting, Value of Experts

The seer-sucker theory: the value of experts in forecasting | The Big Picture: "Although experts are poor at forecasting change, this does not mean that judgmental forecasting is useless.However, since all available evidence suggests that expertise beyond an easily achieved minimum is of little valuein forecasting change, the most obvious advice is to hire inexpensive experts. Also, look for unbiased experts - thosewho are not actually involved in the situation."

Robinhood video

Robinhood from Robinhood on Vimeo.

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Josh Brown, Morgan Housel Interview, Pundits

Clash of the Pundits: Morgan Housel Interviews Josh Brown | The Big Picture: "There are a lot of smart investors. There are a lot of entertaining people. There are few of both. Josh Brown, The Reformed Broker blogger is one of them. He is as insightful as he is hilarious, which, after bursting onto the scenes a few years ago, made him almost overnight one of the biggest names in the financial media." - see the video here

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