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China, Its Economy, 2014 (video)

Where Is China's Economy Headed in 2014?: Video - Bloomberg: "Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Mark Konyn, CEO of Cathay Conning Asset Management, discusses the state of China's economy and the impact of Federal Reserve monetary policy on Asian markets. He speaks with Angie Lau and Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television's "Asia Edge." (Source: Bloomberg)"

Loan modification ‘boiler room’ scam

Real Estate Mortgages underwater, scam operators --

Ten indicted for stealing $7M in loan modification ‘boiler room’ scam - South Florida Business Journal: "Federal authorities indicted 10 people in South Florida for stealing more than $7 million from homeowners seeking mortgage modifications...." (read more at link above)

The Future of Money (video)

What Is the Future of Money?: Video - Bloomberg: "MIT Technology Review Business Editor Antonio Regalado discusses the future of money in a digital world with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)"

Economic Illiteracy, Economists, Inflation, Jobs

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Economic Illiterate Proposal: "Inflation Creates Jobs"; Inflation Economics 101: "....Yes, inflation helped create a massive housing boom. Builders employed like mad. Speculators built condo towers in Florida, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and numerous cities in California. It was a grand party. All based on inflation. Then the bubble burst. Then a consortium of economic jackasses came along saying we need more inflation (as if the cure was the same as the disease). The Fed tried, and tried and tried. However, the Fed did not create enough inflation to satisfy the monetarist jackasses, but it did create bubbles in stocks and bonds. Benefits flowed to the banks, the corporations, and the already wealthy. That gave rise to still more economic lunacy regarding income distribution...."

Market Wisdom Replaced By Political Force

RealClearMarkets - Market Wisdom Replaced By Political Force: "...In the end, the obfuscation of price signals through overzealous regulation or emergency tactic will always prove unsatisfactory for market participants. Over time, policymakers and regulators too will likely become frustrated in efforts to understand markets that they have already manipulated. Government interference should be limited to supporting a stable and predictable marketplace that encourages private decision-making. Otherwise, the wisdom of markets is replaced by the whims of those serving up the punch."

Morgan Housel with Barry Ritholtz (video)

Morgan Housel with Barry Ritholtz - 
(pub. Dec 16, 2013)
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Secret Currency Traders Club, Fixed Biggest Market Rates

Secret Currency Traders’ Club Devised Biggest Market’s Rates - Bloomberg: "....The allegations of collusion undermine one of society’s fundamental principles -- how money is valued. The possibility that a handful of traders clustered in a closed electronic network could skew the worth of global currencies for their own gain without detection points to a lack of oversight by employers and regulators. Since funds buy and sell billions of dollars of currency each month at the 4 p.m. WM/Reuters rates, which are determined by calculating the median of all trades during a 60-second period, that means less money in the pension and savings accounts of investors around the world...."

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