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Individual bonds, an investment

Bond investing? -- it depends --

Individual bonds are an investment, not an Ark | Reuters: " . . . As Toby Nangle, of Threadneedle Investments, pointed out earlier this year, no-one buys bonds because they actually think they are going to outperform other assets over the longer-term ( here ) The data is clear, over the longer term bonds underperform equities. Instead you own bonds because, when combined with equities in a portfolio, they are a complementary asset. Both long-dated US Treasuries and equities are about equal in volatility. But, if you own government bonds and equities together your portfolio volatility will be greatly reduced. And, as volatility is risky (after all, you may one day want access to your money) that complementary nature is extremely important. . . ." (read more at link above)

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