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US Should Not Use Dollar As A Weapon

U.S. Shouldn't Weaponize the Mighty Dollar - Bloomberg View: "....There is no credible alternative to the dollar because of the size of the U.S. market and because U.S. debt is such a convenient investment instrument. Since the collapse of Bretton Woods, however, the world has lived with a monetary system based in part on goodwill. Here, the dollar is more than U.S. legal tender: It is the embodiment of trust. If the U.S. exploits its ownership prerogatives, other governments may sacrifice convenience to nationalism. For a glimpse of such a future, look to Russia, now aggressively seeking to expand ruble and yuan trade with China, and working slowly, awkwardly, but steadily to hasten the erosion of U.S. monetary dominance."

Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Misconceptions

The Irrelevant Investor — Some misconceptions: ".... Fundamental analysis can no more tell you what the price of a stock should be than technical analysis can tell you where a stock is going. The truth is, fundamental and technical analysis- although derived differently, are both all about probabilities and risk/reward."

China, New Monetary Order, Currency, Gold Standard?

Chinese Gold Standard? - The New York Sun: "...Instead, Mr. Kwarteng looks to the China, with its nearly $4 trillion in reserves “accumulated through its mercantilist trade policies” that “give it plenty of ammunition to claim leadership in the creation of a new monetary order.” He asks: “Could China someday peg its currency to gold, as Britain did in 1821? China has the reserves to do this, and it could have the political will, if the dollar proved to be unreliable as a store of value in the future.” He suggests that there could be a renminbi pegged to gold within a generation."

Leon Cooperman, Amazing Career

Alpha addict: The amazing career of Leon Cooperman: "..."The way to be successful is do what you love and love what you do," Cooperman said this month in an interview. "I get paid normally a lot of money for basically doing something I enjoy doing. And what I enjoy is to hunt—finding something somebody else doesn't see, making a bet and having Mr. Market prove me right." Mr. Market has indeed smiled on Lee Cooperman, making the 71-year-old South Bronx native a billionaire. A maniacal focus on picking undervalued companies combined with the hard work and frugality of someone who came from little have led to a nearly unparalleled track record of investment returns for longer than most people have worked on Wall Street...."

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