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Whitney Bullish on US Stocks (video)

 'You Have to Be Bullish,' on US Stocks: Whitney: ""Without a doubt," she said when asked whether she would be buying U.S. stocks. "I have not been this constructive, this bullish on the U.S., on equities in my career." Over the past two years, Whitney has come under some fire since she incorrectly predicted in late 2010 that the municipal bond market was about to blow up. However, her most recent appearance on CNBC, on Dec. 18, proved prescient, when she turned bullish on banks." (read more at link above)

Bill Gross: stay out of US Treasuries

Stay Out of US Treasuries: Gross -- Treasuries? They are simply the "most overvalued bond in the universe", Pimco founder Bill Gross tells CNBC's Larry Kudlow.--June, 2011!

Bloomberg West TV show goes to 2xDay

This is good news for those who want to stay abreast of tech and related financial news--

Bloomberg Doubles Its Tech Television - ". . . Monday (March 25), Bloomberg West, Bloomberg Television’s show on technology, will double its daily programming to two hours. Along with the existing afternoon program (6 pm ET), Bloomberg West will present another hour of tech news at 10 a.m. Pacific time. (1 pm ET) . . .“The television world is flooded with mediocre content — this extra hour is more of a place for big names in the (Silicon) Valley to come on and talk, and to dig deeper into what the news means,”. . . For several months, Bloomberg has been the leading source of online business videos, considered valuable content. . . . "

The Cyprus Bank Crisis

The ongoing crisis in Cyprus--news via live streaming tweets--

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