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London and UK, Sailing Away from the EU

“We would still be the world’s sixth-largest economy. Countries such as South Korea ... do perfectly without huge trading blocs,” he said. “Similarly, many of the world’s biggest financial centres — such as ... Singapore ... do not have huge domestic economies behind them.” (source infra)

Sailing away from the EU could be a boon for City, says Icap chief Spencer - Analysis & Features - Business - London Evening Standard: "Spencer, a former treasurer of the Conservative Party, made it clear that he would overwhelmingly prefer the UK to succeed in renegotiating its position in Europe — but it should pull out if that were to prove impossible. “I do think that the UK and the City could thrive outside the EU,” he said. “If we pulled out, we could quickly take away a lot of the regulatory burden which is imposed on the City.  There would not be an exodus of business, an exodus of banks or an exodus of staff.” Spencer, who created what was then Intercapital in 1986, says he believes David Cameron is right to have given renegotiation such high importance." (read more at link above)

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