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Successful Market Timing, Urban Legend, One Question, Eurocrisis Again

Successful Market Timing is an Urban Legend | Servo Wealth Management: " . . . . After the fact, it’s not uncommon to hear heroic stories of investors with perfect prescience in 2008—getting out of stocks prior to the worst of the decline, only to jump back in early on and participate in almost all of the recovery.  Upon further inspection, it turns out even a well-orchestrated entry and exit from stocks would not have proved profitable on a risk-adjusted basis compared to a more balanced asset class portfolio that was simply held and rebalanced periodically through the ups and downs.  As is so often the case, 2008 reminds us the legend of successful market timing is more of an urban legend." (read more at link above)

The One Question You Must Ask Before You Invest - Forbes: What is your edge as an investor? (read more at link)

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Former ECB Chief Economist Warns "ECB Will Soon Have to Support France with Bond Purchases": "The Euro crisis will worsen in late autumn" (read more at link)

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