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Bill Gross on Central Banks including US Fed

"There comes a point when no matter how much blood is being pumped through the system as it is now, with zero-based policy rates and global quantitative easing programs, that the blood itself may become anemic, oxygen-starved, or even leukemic, with white blood cells destroying more productive red cell counterparts" --Bill Gross of PIMCO

Bill Gross: Hey Fed, your stimulus isn't working: " . . . . And to Fed chief Ben Bernanke's claims that once economic growth has been restored to normal levels, financial markets can also return to normal interest rates and returns, Gross has a few stern words: "Well it's been five years Mr. Chairman and the real economy has not once over a 12-month period of time grown faster than 2.5%," he disputes. "Perhaps, in addition to a fiscally confused Washington, it's your policies that may be now part of the problem rather than the solution.". . ."

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