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John Melloy, Stocktwits, Financial Web Future

Welcome John Melloy our New Stocktwits CEO...and The Future of The Financial Web - The 'Richest Niche'! | Trends... Find them, ride them and get off.Trends… Find them, ride them and get off.: "In 2008, there was no GNIP, no Zapier (wicked cool Stocktwits integrations) and I did not know an API from an RBI. The iPhone was just getting started and there was no Android. Today, I can consume trending tickers all day on my iPhone and work through ideas in real time with some of the best investors in the world. Today, Stocktwits has over 400 API partners pulling our streams and data to build and display. The niche will be big in 2014 (I say that every year), but this time Fred Wilson agrees (read all the comments as it is a great conversation). In 2014, you will see us improve/expand our search features, use email and mobile alerts in more interesting ways and make it easy for anyone that wants to share financial ideas or just banter, do so. If you want to be a good investor, you journal. It’s our job to make Stocktwits the best place to do that and the good news is, it helps us become the place for everyone who does not want to journal, to browse for ideas." (read more at link above)

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