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Financial News or Financial Entertainment

The future of financial TV may be "limited" --

Inside “the richest niche there is” — StockTwits announces new CEO, funding | PandoDaily: " . . . That said, there’s a big difference between journalism and curation. Not just anyone can sit in an anchor or guest chair at CNBC, but anyone can Tweet and throw a dollar sign tag in there. The user generated controls of StockTwits might miss an impending financial collapse like the one experienced in 2008, oh, wait a minute… CNBC was mostly as shocked as everyone else when Lehman collapsed.
That’s not a totally fair jab, but it speaks to the lingering mistrust that networks like CNBC are more entertainment than financial advice. As Jim Cramer said in the above “Daily Show” link part of the problem is they “have” to fill 17 hours of content a day. . . ."

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