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Bloomberg Monitoring

Hunch About Bloomberg Brought Rivals Together - " . . . Goldman’s response began when a press officer in Hong Kong received a call from a Bloomberg reporter about the whereabouts of a partner who the reporter noted had not logged into his terminal in a few weeks. The Goldman employee felt the call crossed the line, and she immediately mentioned it to her boss in Hong Kong, who in turn  raised it with Mr. Siewert in New York. His first move was to find out whether Bloomberg had guidelines prohibiting reporters from using terminals to further their reporting. Mr. Siewert is probably best known for his years working for President Clinton, including as his press secretary. Mr. Siewert called a reporter at Bloomberg who covers Goldman. He was directed to an editor, who assured him that Bloomberg had a policy aimed at preventing exactly the sort of behavior Mr. Siewert was concerned about. This response surprised executives at Goldman because the reporter who called the Hong Kong office had admitted monitoring an executive’s whereabouts through the terminal. Mr. Siewert then called more than half a dozen former Bloomberg reporters, most of whom now work at The Wall Street Journal. Most of those acknowledged using the terminal to further their reporting, or said they knew people who had done so. . . ."

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